Thankfully Local - A MAVTV American Real Exclusive

Oct 01, 2012

Thankfully Local - Chef Chuck HayworthFriday, Oct 5th at 2pm, a fascinating new cooking and travel adventure series debuts: Thankfully Local on the MAVTV American Real network.

Each week, North Carolinian, Chef Chuck Hayworth travels to different parts of America selecting only the very best of local ingredients to demonstrate his gourmet cooking.

A cancer survivor for more than ten  years, and a strong believer in eating fresh locally grown produce, Chef Chuck shows us how to eat 'healthy' and takes us to meet farmers who share his concerns and dedicate their lives to growing only the very best.

Every show takes us to a different farming community acting as an   ideal backdrop for Chef Chuck as he demonstrates southern cooking and hospitality and teaches you, the viewer, how to buy locally grown produce and create the ultimate healthy meals for your family.