ALL OUT Racing

ALL OUT Racing is the first interactive live drag racing game show!

The 16 closest racers in each class battle it out with an instant green start. They have only three minutes between rounds to reset and cool down… and then they do it again. And again. Until only one is left standing...

While the racers are battling it out on the track, fans chosen from the stands get to have a little fun of their own playing instant green. The one to guess the most winners of each round gets cold, hard cash.

This ain’t canned entertainment; there ain’t no script - this is Live.

This is for the Grass roots racers, the career test and tuners, the bracket racers, the heads up racers and the grudge racers. This is for their friends, families and fans. This is for you. This is All Out Racing.


    • Brian Bossone - Series Host
    • Gavin Jerome
    • Lisa Kubo
    • Mike Beland
    • Ray McNew
    • Robert Cherkas
    • Steve Quien

Airs: Wednesday 9pm ET

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